December 11, 2021

5 Powerful Hacks That Will Increase Landing Page Conversions

A high-end landing page converts the website visitors into potential leads. This article is about the best landing page conversions practices to attract on-the-fence customers and convert them into prospects.

Use these five powerful landing page hacks to increase conversions in no time.

5 Powerful Hacks for Landing Page Conversions:

landing page conversions

There is a strong correlation between website traffic and conversion rates in landing pages.  

But if your website is growing by getting high-quality traffic and still you cannot see a boastful conversion, that’s because of a negative correlation between web traffic and the conversion rate.

It indicates that something with your landing page, offer, product, or design is wrong.

1.     Declutter your landing page:

Creating a simple landing page with minimalistic designs and words might seem contradictory. But the truth is it helps the website visitors get rid of the visual clutter and let them focus on your call to action (the CTA button).

Moreover, the other qualities of your landing page, like design, long copy, or image that you think can impose a positive impact, may turn off the readers.

So, if you want your website visitors to focus on landing pages, try to communicate volumes without many words.

2.     Hook the visitors with a customer-centric offer:

If the offers you are using in your landing pages to hook the readers don’t resonate with your audience’s interests, how can you convert them into potential buyers and get leads?

Once the marketing expert, Joe Chernov, said,

Good marketing makes the company look smart, but great marketing makes the customer feel smart.”

So while planning your landing page optimization strategy, start by thinking about your customers first, like:

  • How can you evoke your customer’s positive emotions?
  • How can you let them feel appreciated and inspired?

Always align your landing page strategy goals to customer-oriented interests. 

3.     Apply product/service time scarcity techniques:

Among the most commonly used marketing phrases are “limited time offer” and “limited quantities left.”  

And here’s the reason why, For example:

  • Activating a limited-time discount on the product, you’re selling and offering a time-bound service like webinar to generate lead magnets is sufficient to display that it won’t occur again.
  • Upon seeing the tags like “Offer valid till xx” or “only 3 pieces left,” it can make anyone want to click on the order now button right away and get the offer before anyone else.

That’s why the scarcity technique is the most effective marketing strategy for convincing your landing page visitors to act immediately and compels them to buy now. Because they believe they would miss out if they wait long.

Note: For enhancing the scarcity technique, use a countdown timer to your landing page. It can add a prominent visual element and tell your visitors how long they can take to act on the offer.

4.     Add social proofs and testimonials for undecided customers:

Testimonials and social proofs can be a big haul in converting more leads. According to the general rule of thumb, the proofs are self-explanatory. And as the visitors, not only want to know that other people have used your products/services but want to see whether the product/service has helped them drive the desired outcomes.

So here, the testimonial section will illustrate them and convert more visitors into consumers.

  • Video Testimonials are among the best ways to convince your customers.
  • Recommendations from prior customers will give you an edge over the competition and make you stand out.
  • Quotes with the customer’s full name and a headshot work ideally well.

5.     Keep CTA buttons clear and visible:

The content of the call-to-action button should not be wordy to confuse the reader. Make your CTA clear and concise. Be straightforward and use commanding words like:

  • Download Now
  • Try Premium For Free
  • Join Today
  • Sign Up Here

Other than this, the placement of CTA also matters. Place it on the most-effective positions of the landing page to stand out from the rest of the content. You may add the CTA button:

  • Underneath the offer section
  • Under the testimonial

Figuring out the problem and applying the abovementioned advice will help you with landing page optimization and boost your conversion rates.

What is the Good Landing Page Conversion Rate?

In reality, there is no standardized and good landing page conversion rate. True success in landing pages only comes with improvement and striving for experiments.

If the improvement and refining are not part of your landing page creation each time. Then the conversion rates would remain the same month after month.

  • Collect data from the previous landing pages and use it to improve your current landing pages.
  • Tweaks to the landing pages and the Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) need to include in the monthly marketing strategies that will directly impact conversions.

Key Takeaways:

To sum up, you are now well-aware of the five powerful hacks that will increase the landing page conversion rate! But before closing this article, take this end-note with yourself:

Increasing the conversion rate with your landing page is not achievable overnight. You continuously need to test, retest, do and undo to see what works best for your business model.

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