May 25, 2021

Good News for the Startups & Small Businesses of Pakistan

Ramadan 2021 brought along with it an excellent opportunity for the SMEs, women entrepreneurs and Startups of Pakistan. Pakistan being added to the “Seller’s List” of Amazon means our locally manufactured products can be sold easily around the globe via Amazon. It will help the small business and startups of Pakistan grow folds now that they can sell globally. The trend of e-commerce is far greater in other parts of the world than in Pakistan and with the onset of the pandemic the e-commerce industry has only blossomed to becoming an essential part of every economy including Pakistan. The current estimate is that the e-commerce industry will expand by 35% in the current quarter of the fiscal. From Rs. 71 billion it is estimated to go up to Rs. 96 billion.

With the age of social media and easily available delivery services the women of Pakistan have rolled out a lot of new ventures catering to the needs of the market from the comfort of their homes. Not only being available easily they are brilliant in the production, packaging and marketing side of the business. They now have an avenue to expand their business and let it get recognized by getting registered on Amazon as a seller. It is about time the talent of Pakistan especially the youth of Pakistan is showcased and recognized around the world.

The great part is that there are no payment gateways, Amazon will directly deposit the money into local accounts helping business expand. This will not only benefit the individual sellers but also derive economic growth for the country. But with great power comes great responsibility and now it is the duty of these sellers to ensure quality assurance so that they are not defamed globally. On Amazon customer reviews are taken very seriously and many buying decisions are made thanks to the customer reviews, in order to derive maximum benefit, the sellers have to ensure that their exports are made to international standards.

Now that the entrepreneurs of Pakistan will be competing on an International front, it seems to be promising that innovation is likely to follow.

Keeping fingers crossed!

So how should these young entrepreneurs get started?

It may seem daunting at first to get yourself listed as a seller and open a shop on Amazon, to be on the global front of the e-commerce platforms and yet have no idea how to go about it. That is why you have experts like “Extremecommerce” & “Enablers” out there to help you figure your way out and establish a shop on Amazon that is sure to be fruitful for your business and the economy of Pakistan.

Extreme commerce is led by Mr. Sunny Ali who offers a Regular Bootcamp, Video Bootcamp, One on One Training. Mr. Ali has 300+ students out of which 100 have launched their products on Amazon successfully. 65 students are already selling and making a profit while 100 are in launch phase.

You can reach Mr. Sunny Ali via the following platforms to learn more:

Enablers on the other hand work on a bigger scale and have various services to offer. Some of them are as listed below:

  • Amazon Account Management
  • Amazon Sellers Dashboard
  • Product Hunting
  • Product Launching
  • Product Photography & Designing
  • List Optimization
  • Ecommerce Store Development

The services are holistic and you can take up their quick one-on-one or online training courses to get started.

To reach out to enablers you can visit any of the following social platforms:

In both these cases with a one-time cost investment you can launch your business on Amazon successfully without any initial hiccups. However, if investment cost is an issue, you can always ring up Sidat for a pocket-friendly Amazon Store Management solution that matches your needs.