February 8, 2021

Digital Trends 2021

The year 2020 has been uncertain and challenging. Uncertain in terms of what to expect from the consumer and challenging in being able to reach out to as many consumers as pre-pandemic. The tough times of the 2020 made it difficult for the brands to survive. So consequently, it isn’t that simple to guess what the trends will be in the year 2021.

The pandemic shifted the dynamics of communication and marketing which are going to be the new norm of 2021. We are likely to see an increase in video-based content consumption, influencer marketing and virtual meetups. Liana Technologies predicts the digital trends of 2021.

To sum up, what 2021 will look like on the digital front is somewhat like this:

  1. Accountability is Key
    Brands that are transparent and seem to have a purpose grew 2X faster in comparison to other brands.

    Now more than ever, brands are having to dig deep to find out how to flourish in turbulent times. A report from Deloitte states that, to do this, brands need to “be deeply attuned to why they exist and who they are built to serve”
    Today more than ever, companies have to search their soul to stay afloat these tempestuous times. As per the Deloitte report, brands today need to have a crystal-clear understanding of their existence and purpose to serve.
  2. Influencer Marketing
    Brand finding place in everyday conversations!

    Human driven content i.e. influencer experiences makes it relatable and creates trust for the brand by being timely available for consumer to spark a connection.
    At a small cost you can get your brand’s message across via influencer generated content with micro & nano influencer (<25K followers) resulting in great engagement for a brand.
  3. Video Content
    Videos play a great role in inducing emotional response!

    92% marketers vouch for video-based content. This has grown from 78% in 2015, showing that the importance of video is only growing.
    What makes the video content so important?
    Survey says 88% of marketers quote that video marketing provides them with positive ROI. The same remark was shared by 33% marketers back in 2015, so it is safe to assume that video content is on the rise and will continue to grow so.
    Today, non-video posts get 92% less traffic in comparison to video posts.
  4. Hyper automation
    With AI and machine learning, hyper automation is the ultimate end game.

    Companies will automate as many businesses and IT processes as possible with the help of AI and machine learning. Resulting in improved targeting and better marketing ROI.
  5. Work-From-Home (WFH) is the new normal!
    The only question left is whether smoke breaks and prayers breaks are part of the new normal?

    Forrester predicts that remote work will rise to 300% of pre-Covid times.
    According to survey, 82% of remote workers do not plan to return to full office setup.
  6. Data Visualization
    Consumer journey is getting more and more complicated as results of which there are more touchpoints in order to evaluate buying behavior.

    According to Marketo the most wanted in-demand marketing skills are going to be data analytics and visualization, AI and machine learning for content delivery and CX management in 2025.
  7. Internet Privacy and Data Security
    There should be increased transparency in data usage.

    79% consumers feel that brands know too much about them.
    57% US marketers say privacy regulations have increased transparency in data usage.
  8. Expanding eCommerce
    2020 has revolutionized the way consumers shop!

    According to survey, 31% of consumers switched to online buying whereas 49% consumers plans to continue online buying post-pandemic aswell.
  9. Hybrid Events
    From online classes, to online parties everything is now virtual/hybrid and intends to stay so!

    A mix of virtual and live meetups will how we see eachother this year.
    Live streaming industry grew 91.8% from 2019.
  10. UGC is the new word-of-mouth
    Everybody wants assurance before spending and do not want to regret their decisions.

    Survey shows that UGC will outperform branded content. UGC will give 400% higher CTR than average ads.

Digital Trends 2021

At Sidat, we aim to follow the Digital Trends of 2021 to take our brands to soaring levels of ROI and brand engagement.